Echelon is the leader

in coaching analytics.

A Little Context:

It all started with a chance meeting in 2005. At the time, Echelon was known as Peloton and specialized in therapeutic market-specific training.

One day, a client shared their frustration: “We can’t do any training for our sales team until we know our managers can coach.”

A whiteboard session ensued. Traditional ideas – like “360” surveys and field rides were tossed aside. The decision was made to complete a deep-dive linguistic analysis of written coaching.

And a new discipline was born.

Since then, Echelon has provided actionable insight to leading life sciences teams in North America and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

We have analyzed more than 40,000 coaching reports, conducted field rides on three continents and interviewed more than 100 sales leaders, front-line managers, and more.

It Starts With A Baseline

Through a Baseline analysis of coaching, Echelon provides deep insight to brand teams, sales leaders, and informs leadership development strategies.

For brand teams, we provide an accurate and actionable assessment of strategic execution. We show exactly where the tools, skills, and resources associated with your brand strategy are thriving and where they need a nudge.

Sales leaders can answer some of their burning questions – How effective is our field coaching? How do we compare to the competition? How do we improve?

Leadership development (or learning and development) teams can measurably improve coaching ability with relevant and engaging solutions.

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