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Maximizing Brand Strategy

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Does Your Brand Strategy Have a ‘Blind Spot’?

How do you know if your brand strategy is being consistently executed out in the field? What are the risks of inconsistent execution? 

What are the risks of not knowing?

Customer-facing teams are a critical component in the execution of your brand strategy…not to mention a significant chunk of your brand P&L. 

Today, there is only one platform that allows you to gauge strategic execution across every territory.

About BrandAlytics™

BrandAlytics™ is a one-stop source for actionable, data-driven insight into the execution of your brand strategy across the entire field team. 

BrandAlytics insights are derived in two ways:

Analysis of actual coaching conversations between your first-line managers and field team members, and Analysis of 100% of field coaching reports during pre-determined timeframes

Why FLMs?

First-line managers (FLMs) are the key to strategic execution. In a recent analysis, Echelon found that 96% of reps demonstrate the exact skills and behaviors they were coached on by their FLM.  

BrandAlytics provides the most accurate and actionable assessment of strategic execution…in real time. Our easy-to-use dashboards show exactly where the tools, skills, and resources associated with your brand strategy are thriving and where they need a nudge.

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